Monday, 4 March 2013

"beautiful make-up starts with beautiful skin."

Where beautiful skin starts?

From the first day I know about cosmoderm products, this is the saying the stuck in my mind. Personally I do believe this is true, without the beautiful skin, there will never be beautiful make-up. One compliments the other right?

So, today I SHARE with you the love for  COSMODERM product for people with dry & sensitive skin, gentle series. What I am loving about this product? Briefly I would say that this product is a Softens rough skin .. and soften dry skin ..( very effective) (follow instructions and you will see how effective it is) while helping maintain my skin's moisture) .What is so special about the gentle series? it contains aloe vera, ses cucumber & chamoline , Vitamin E,enriched with Q10  & Collagen , skin is triggered to produce a natural protective layer to act as a barrier to drying agents in our environment and that provides the users  great pampering experience while removing skin impurities to help improve skin texture, leaving once skin moisturized, nourished and radiant.

For dry & sensitive skin

 believing that quality of skincare is essential in creating beautiful make-up, the most advanced skincare formulas using halal ingredients are used as the first step to revealing every woman's unique beauty. explore the world of cosmoderm and find your own unique beauty.

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